Nieuwe apparatuur: GE Mentor Visual IQ HD endoscoop

RDA Shiptech is proud to announce that a new inspection tool had arrived: the GE Mentor Visual IQ HD system. This system was introduced to the market in Q2 of this year and brings a range of new features that will contribute to even higher inspection quality and productivity.

  • Image quality: the system has the highest defenition of all borescopes currently on the market;
  • Measuring: the system is equipped with two measuring options (3DPM and stereo) to measure the dimension of defects at great accuracy;
  • Connectivity: the built-in WIFI hotspot and a range of other systems enable real time wireless collaboration with experts around the globe.

The main application of the new  endoscope system will be the inspection of marine diesel engines and gearboxes, the bacbone of the RDA Shiptech business. We have extensive experience in the general cargo, fishing, towage, passenger and dredging markets with our fleet  of GE XLG3 borescopes, that are expected to remain active for at least five more years.

Although the new tools required an investment of approximately €100.000, inspection rates will remain at their current level.

Cees Roos, CEO: “we expect that the new productivity enhancement options will enable us to inspect more accurately and that reporting will become less time consuming. This allows us to maintain our current pricing level and effectively deliver more quality at equal costs”

For more information or to request a demonstration, please contact our team.