Performance analysis and optimization

RDA Shiptech has substantial experience with investigation of marine engine performance problems and providing effective solutions. We are able to provide an investigation tailored to almost every problem and engine type on the market. These investigations require modern measuring devices, experience and specific knowledge. We have been part of extensive investigations into governor problems, temperature issues, hard-to-detect coolant leakages, unbalance of indicated power and vibration problems.

performance test



Our specialist have an impressive range of top-quality equipment to investigate virtually every engine performance problem, including:


Our experts have the experience, knowledge and tools to:

  • Assist with independent data acquisition and expert advice during your new building / refit acceptance sea trial;
  • Monitor the condition and performance of your vessel’s propulsion system during its service life;
  • Evaluate the performance of your engine to solve unexpected performance issues and failures;
  • Provide you with top quality root casuse analysis of engine (component) failure.

For more information about our extensive trouble shooting track record, or a discussion about your specific engine performance issue or a second opinion in case of structural damage, don’t hesitate to contact us.