Engine Inspection (RVI)

Cilinder inspection

We are the specialist in the field of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of diesel engines. Flexible borescopes of exceptional quality enable us to capture every detail of cylinders, piston crowns, valves and turbochargers of marine diesel and gas engines. A detailed report is made of every inspection, containing images, conclusions and recommendations. Our expertise is marine diesel engines with cylinder bores from 10 to 60 centimeters.


Turbine pag

Turbocharger inspection

RVI is a very suitable inspection method for piston crowns, cylinder liners, combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust valves. This type of inspection is normally conducted to assess the degree of wear of these components, or to identify potential damage. Im most cases, RVI provides a much clearer image of the component condition compared to a traditional visual inspection by removal of a cylinder head.

Advanced flexible endoscope systems enable us to inspect most turbochargers without the need to disassemble substantial parts. Our engineers have years of experience with borescope inspections  of marine engines and gearboxes, and are perfectly capable to determine the degree of fouling of a turbocharger, to identify cracks in the nozzle ring or to discover damage of the turbine wheel.


RVI inspections of marine engines are available worldwide.  Contactus today for a quotation or more information.