Gearbox Inspection (RVI)

We are the specialist in the field of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of gearboxes. Flexible endoscopes of exceptional quality enable us to inspect every detal of gear teeth, shafts and roller and cylindrical bearings. A detailed report is made of every inspection, containing images, conclusions and recommendations. Our expertise is inspection of gearboxes in marine propulsion systems, such as CPP gearboxes and reversal gearboxes, and gearboxes of dredge pumps.


Gearbox inspection

RVI is a very suitable inspection method to asess wear and damage of gear teeth and certain types of bearings inside a gearbox. Our engineers are very experienced in endoscopic inspection of gearboxes on board seagoing merchant vessels, hopper dredges, cutter dredgers, tugs and shore based installations.

RVI inspections of gearboxes are available worldwide. Contact us today for a quotation or more information.