RVI inspection of Niigata diesel engines

Geplaatst op: 10 Dec 2023

Engineers of RDA Shiptech attended offshore support tugs in Singapore and the port of Darwin, Australia, for the RVI inspection of nine Niigata main propulsion engines. All piston crowns, cylinder liners, cylinder heads and valves, turbochargers and air coolers were inspected. The inspections were conducted in the context of maintenance management and optimisation. In addition to the diesel engines,…

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Wärtsilä 9L46C borescope inspection

Geplaatst op: 01 Apr 2023

RVI inspection specialists of RDA Shiptech travelled to the port of Haraholmen, Sweden, for a borescope inspection of a Wärtsilä 9L46C main engine on board a RoRo vessel. The inspection was conducted within one day, during the regular turnaround of the vessel.    

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RVI inspection on board dredging vessel

Geplaatst op: 01 Dec 2021

Our engineers recently visited an aggregate dredging vessel in drydock for the inspection of 3 main engines (38 cylinder units in total) while the vessel was in drydock in Poland. Three engineers and two borescope systems (MViQ and XLG3) were deployed to capture the engine condition in great detail, documented in 1.821 pictures.

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MViQ borescope 6 months in service: performance review

Geplaatst op: 03 Mar 2020

Now that the MViQ borescope inspection system has been used intensively by RDA Shiptech inspectors for almost 6 months, it is time for our first performance review.   Improved large bore and slow speed engine inspection quality Thanks to the unmatched LED lighting power and image enhancing software, it now possible to inspect even larger cylinder bores with high…

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RDA Shiptech engineers complete 3D measurement training

Geplaatst op: 09 Oct 2019

Roy, Cees and Steven completed the two day training course on the use of all specialist functions of the Mentor Visual IQ HD borescope, provided by Ronald Christenhusz and Lisanne Zwetsloot of Dacon Inspection Technologies. Unprecendented options to quantify diesel engine valve wear and damage, turbocharger condition and more in 3D at high accuracy are now available.

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New equipment: GE Mentor Visual IQ HD borescope

Geplaatst op: 10 Sep 2019

RDA Shiptech is proud to announce that a new inspection tool had arrived: the GE Mentor Visual IQ HD system. This system was introduced to the market in Q2 of this year and brings a range of new features that will contribute to even higher inspection quality and productivity. Image quality: the system has the highest defenition of all…

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Certification of fishing vessel: noise survey

Geplaatst op: 05 Sep 2019

RDA Shiptech is equipped to conduct noise surveys onboard ships. In close cooperation with the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate, a noise survey was recently conducted on board a new fishing vessel. To conduct nnoise surveys, RDA Shiptech has modern RION equipment and certifie engineers at its disposal.

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Vernieuwde accreditatie voor RDA Schiptech

Geplaatst op: 28 Jun 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

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Borescope Inspection of MaK M43

Geplaatst op: 28 Dec 2018

Borescope Inspection of MaK M43

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Shaft power measurement and sealing UK 272 “Adriaantje”

Geplaatst op: 10 Oct 2017

After months of preparations, UK 272 “Adriaantje” has been added to the Dutch fishing fleet. UK 272 is an otter trawler that previously carried the British flag. To comply with Dutch legislation, the shaft power had to be tested against the vessel’s licensed power output, and settings had to be sealed. Because this is the only MaK M20 engine…

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