Remote Visual Inspection (RVI, borescope inspection)


We are your absolute specialist in the field of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of marine diesel engines and gearboxes. Using General Electric remote controlled borescopes and a wide variety of lenses, we capture every detail. These systems enable us to measure defects in 3D at 0,01 mm accuracy, and to use UV light to track hard-to-detect leakages. Our team toch more than 300.000 pictures in engines and gearboxes.


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We exclusively use General Electric Mentor Visual IQ HD and XLG-3 borescopes. These borescopes were developed for the inspection of turbines and are the only types that have the capability to capture the condtion of large-bore (>50 cm) diesel engines. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) is used to guide the inspector and generate perfect replicability.

Some characteristics of our borescope inspections that make the difference:

  • Very powerful lighting;
  • Tip adapters to create a clear and sharp image at every distance;
  • Extremely accurate measuring features (0,01 mm);
  • UV light for leak detection;
  • WIFI connectivity for remote collaboration.