Condition Based Maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance is a well know maintenance method applied to assets that exhibit specific failure characteristics. One of the founders of RDA Shiptech validated the use of Remote Visual Inspection based CBM of marine engines and gearboxes during a two year study of Reliability Centered Maintenance in the Aerospace industry (copy of study report available free of charge on request).

“Conventional marine engine maintenance programs result in excessive maintenance costs and limited reliability. Most CBM systems for marine engines on the market are not true Condition Based Maintenace systems, but just adapted time-based maintenance.” 

True CBM for marine engines consists of frequent borescope inspections according to an adaptive schedule, optionally supplemented by coordinated performance analysis. Maintenance decisions should be taken on the basis of the engine components’ observed condition instead of running hours, to avoid unnecessary change of parts and thus to maximize reliablilty and minimize maintenance costs.